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Zion Health is an expanding natural health company specializing in the healing powers of Kanwa Clay Minerals. The company founder is an avid believer and user of natural healing remedies discovered certain types of clay contain a powerful combination of minerals that can heal many different ailments of the body with little side effects.

The company founder discovered Kanwa for himself when battling gum disease. His gums were in terrible shape and needed intensive surgery. He was told by a business acquaintance to apply the minerals on his gums at night for a couple of weeks. Upon his return office visit, the Dentist discovered his gums were healing and surgery was not necessary.

The company founder and his Dentist were in complete shock! Fluoride is currently the only recognized mineral by Medical Science to fight bacteria in the mouth. The company founder created a team of natural health chemists to formulate his first product; ClayBrite Toothpaste. His passion started as a hobby to provide his friends and family with a great natural toothpaste!

The company founder’s hobby turned into a quickly expanding business as word of mouth created huge demand for this amazing brown toothpaste.

Numerous scientific research supports the healing benefits of clay, but the type of clay used is an important factor. Some clay’s contain only one or two minerals that provide little results. The company founder decided to create a Healing Body and Skin Care line using Kanwa (Calcium Montmorillonite edible grade clay) to offer the greatest benefits of healing.

Zion Health is here to serve you. We answer our phones! Please feel free to call us, email us or send us a fax. We welcome your questions, comments and strive to keep 100% of our customers satisfied.




Mission​ Statement

Our primary goal is to offer consumers natural health alternatives that provide positive, noticeable results, with the highest regard for our precious planet and our local & global community.

Explore our vast product line and see what clay can do for you.


Angela Kray

Sales Representative- North East

Favorite Vacation Spot: Victoria, British Columbia   Hobbies: Hiking, ballet, symphony, reading, and movies. In my spare time, I enjoy teaching yoga/meditation classes incarcerated women in the SF Jail.


Barbara Rosell

Graphic Designer / Marketing

Favorite Vacation Spot: Hawaii and Spain.                     Hobbies: I like to keep myself active with my dogs. In my spare time i like to find different hiking spots.


Dave Christian

Accounting Manager

Favorite Vacation Spot: Mammoth Lakes and Monterey   Hobbies: Songwriting, Guitar and GTA V. In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar with The Tribal Blues Band and The Groove Objective.


Shipping Coordinator

Favorite Vacation Spot: Ohio                             Hobbies: Bike riding




Sales Representative

Favorite Vacation Spot: Cabo Mexico                             Hobbies: I like to run .... next run soon!



Shipping Manager

Favorite Vacation Spot: Home                                     Hobbies: I don't know...gardening? Who has time for hobbies?!


Marketing Director

Favorite Vacation Spot: Maui, Hawaii                             Hobbies: Salsa dancing, reading Science Fiction, Eating.


Mike Shimizu

Mike Shimizu
Sales Representative- Pacific Northwest

Favorite Vacation Spot: Kauai, Disneyland, Yosemite     Hobbies: Listening to music and working out. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my children and family, going on hikes, food festivals, and going to the beach.


Mike Shimizu

Myra Alvarado

Favorite Vacation Spot: Disneyland.                             Hobbies: Listening to music, dancing and working out.


Zembya Matamoros
Accounts Executive

Favorite Vacation Spot: The beaches of Nicaragua. Love the beauty and the tranquility of it!                                 Hobbies: I love reading (I’m an avid reader) I like dancing and also enjoy running.

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