Ancient Clay Song Bird Soap 6 oz

Ancient Clay Song Bird Soap 6 oz
Brand: Zion Health
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Song Bird Ancient Clay Organic Soap - 6 oz

How it Works

Soap is the cornerstone of keeping your body clean from bacteria, microbes, and viruses. Our Natural Soap is a unique mixture of essential oils and clay, providing hydration and minerals to the skin. This natural soap is formulated to energize and purify the skin without drying.

All of our soaps include Calcium Montmorillonite, a soft mineral clay that indigenous cultures have used for centuries to purify and nourish the skin. Also known as Kanwa, this clay possesses a powerful ionic charge that helps balance skin pH and gently absorb toxins.

Featured Ingredient - The essential oil fragrance of White Lotus Blossom comes from India used to invoke a state of serene contentment.

The scent of Lotus Blossom symbolizes perfect beauty.


How to Use It

Apply on face and body and rinse.


Ingredients: Calcium Montmorillonite Clay (Kanwa), Shea Butter, Edible Coconut and Olive Oil, Lotus Flower Essential Oil Fragrance.

Vegan, Gluten Free

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