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Zion Health's mission is to provide Superior Vegan/Cruelty Free Body care products with awareness and responsibility to the Earth's natural resources along with supporting causes that improve our local and global community.

How a toothpaste inspired a body care line. 

Haim hadn’t been to a dentist in ten years. Upon breaking his hiatus, he learned he had severe problems with his gums and teeth. The dentist suggested surgery. Haim refused.

He searched for an alternative remedy and discovered a unique form of edible clay called calcium montmorillonite) that absorbs toxins. After three months of consuming and brushing his teeth with this clay, his gums healed and he no longer needed surgery. Haim was inspired to share this remedy with the world.

In 2007, Haim formed a team of Natural Health Chemists and released his first product; ClayBrite Natural Toothpaste. Zion Health now offers much more than just a toothpaste. Their full body care line includes Mineral hair care products, clay masks, foot creams, detox teas, deodorants and Mineral lotions all utilizing this unique clay ingredient.

Since 2007, Zion Health has grown 600%, selling successfully at various Whole Food regions, and thousands of cooperatives and health stores around the country.  We have a loyal fan base that is rapidly expanding in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Korea.

Zion products are eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, aluminum free, paraben-free and manufactured with biodegradable packaging. Zion Health’s primary goal is to offer consumers natural health alternatives that provide positive results, with the highest regard for our precious planet and our local & global community.

If you are interested in opening an account for your business, please contact us.

Accounts Executive Representative: Zembya Matamoros

Media and Advertising Contact: sales@zionhealth.com

Phone: (650) 520 4313

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